The Web Of Fear, Fury From The Deep, The Wheel In Space, The Dominators and The Mind Robber- Short Reviews

I have been (and still having) Internet troubles so full reviews will come soon. But for now I will leave short reviews for the shows I have missed.

The Web Of Fear

This is hands Down the story I have enjoyed most. It’s great to see it move. Nicholas Courtney’s performance as Colonel Lethbridge Stewart was amazing and the Direction was fantastic by my favourite Director Douglas Camfield. The Yeti are a solid threat and the sets are great. I can’t say anything negative now, so I wont.

Fury From The Deep

This story is really enjoyable and it creates a very claustrophobic atmosphere. I like how Victoria’s departure is built up instead of and abrupt goodbye like most companions.

The Wheel In Space

This wasn’t very memorable and the Cybermen are a bit pointless here. I Liked the first episode because it showcased how great Frazer and Patrick are together and they carried the whole thing along with Wendy Padbury.

The Dominators

Even more boring than the last story. It was great that it survived but apart from that it was cr*p

The Mind Robber

This was really good and the opening episode was just amazing. It demonstrates how much I love the episodes with just the main characters I love the whole idea of the land of fiction. The guest cast are strong all the way through and the change with Jamie is great.

That’s all I have to say now though but I am starting The Invasion tonight so I will try and post more reviews

The Enemy of the World-REVIEWED

Hello and welcome back to another adventure in Time, Space and the Internet as I Review the recently discovered The Enemy of the World.

The Doctor and his friends are attacked on a beach when it is revealed that the Doctor shares a resemblance to A world Dictator called Salamander, A highly respected man who is able to predict natural disasters and wants to end famine. A group of people want The Doctor to impersonate him so they can expose him for who he really is. Kent, Astrid and Bruce help the Doctor until Kent turns out to be a traitor and is killed by Salamander. In the TARDIS Salamander is sucked out into space and the rest of the crew try to hold on as well as they can.

This story is amazing. It was nice to have a break from the base under siege stories and to have have a proper drama. Patrick Troughton has his work cut out for him as he plays two roles and although his Mexican accent is bad there are a few scenes where it is really hard to tell if it is The Doctor or Salamander. The guest cast are strong including the very creepy Milton Johns as Benik who manages to make you uncomfortable whenever he’s in the room, especially when he threatens to torture Jamie and Victoria. There aren’t many bad things to say about this story except for Troughtons Mexican accent and the part where someone is accidentally shot and is told she shouldn’t have been in the way.

Come back on Wednesday 4th June to read my review of a story I have been Waiting to watch- The Web of Fear

The Ice Warriors- REVIEWED

Welcome back to another adventure in Time, Space and the Internet as I review The Ice Warriors.

The TARDIS lands on Earth where an Ioniser is being used to stop glaciers entering Britain. A man is found frozen in a block of Ice. He is the commander of The Ice Warriors and he wants to revive his brothers. When he has done this they set about conquering the Earth. The Doctor stops them and they slip out quietly.

This story had great villains and The Ice Warriors are in my top 5  and this story is OK. The Ice Warriors just want to conquer the Earth (who hasn’t). I did like the sub-plot between Klent and another member of the team.  But the worst thing is the animation for the DVD release. It’s like I am watching an Episode of Captain Pugwash, It’s bad.

Come back on Thursday 29th to read my review of the recently discovered The Enemy of the World

The Abominable Snowman- REVIEWED

Welcome back to another adventure in time space and the Internet as I review The Abominable Snowmen.

The TARDIS lands in Tibet where The Doctor is planning to go and speak with the monks. He meets Edward Travers who is looking for real Yeti. The peaceful Yeti are actually robots controlled by the great intelligence.

 The Yeti are great enemies and I am really looking forward to see them again in The Web of Fear. It will make a change to this boring story. I don’t mean to be so harsh on it but ot doesn’t keep your attention very well,, which can also be said for the surviving episode.

Come back on Friday 23rd to read my review of The Ice Warriors.

Abominable title

The Tomb of the Cybermen-REVIEWED

Welcome back to more adventures in Time, Space and the Internet as I Review The Tomb of the Cybermen.

The TARDIS lands on Telos where an archaeological team are looking for the last remains of the Cybermen, little do they know that beneath them is a huge tomb full of frozen Cybermen. The Doctor arrives on Telos and the archaeologists are stranded due to the rocket malfunction. The Cybermen are soon de-frosted and begin havoc. Two of the archaeologists are planning an alliance with the Cybermen, but  The Doctor stops them and re-seals the tombs for ever.

This is one of the all time greats of Doctor Who. It shows the Cybermen being strong and powerful. It is the first in the Monster Season or The Base-Under-Siege. I like the story but I have trouble trying to see why two archaeologists are hell-bent on taking over the world, and why they think the Cybermen would join them. The best thing about this story is the Interaction between Pat Troughton and Frazer Hines they play off each other so well and they are the best paring of Doctor and Companion.

Come back on 17th May to read my review of The Abominable Snowman

The Evil of the Daleks- REVIEW and Season 4 Retro-spective

Welcome back to more adventures in time, space and the internet. Today I am reviewing The Evil of the Daleks and taking a look back at season 4.

The Doctor and Jamie are searching for the TARDIS and are brought to an antique shop and transported back in time where the Daleks are using The Doctor to help them install the human factor into the Dalek race to make them invisible. The Doctor begins to collaborate with the new daleks who seem friendly. The human Daleks question their orders and destroy each other including The Dalek Emperor. They take Victoria Waterfield with them in the TARDIS.

 This story is seven episodes long and only one episode exists. The first episode is boring but when the Daleks show up everything kicks off and it becomes action packed and really enjoyable. Aside from Victoria the acting is great and the concept of friendly Daleks is brilliant. It is nice to see Jamie between lines with the Doctor. The Emperor Dalek was great to. This was intended to be the last story to feature the Daleks and we don’t see them until mid Jon Pertwee era.   

                                                           Season 4 Retro-spective

Best Story- The Evil of the Daleks- A really good concept and very well executed.

Worst Story- The Smugglers- Slow

Best Regular- The Doctors (obviously)and Polly- Companions who ask the right questions without being annoying

Worst Regular- Victoria- She isn’t a companion yet but she is the worst of the regulars

Best Guest Character- Samantha Briggs (The Faceless Ones) I don’t care about the accent she was a good character

Worst Guest Character- No stand out choices but Captain Pike (The Smugglers) was a bit rubbish

The “Bring it Back Now we wont take less” Award- The Evil of the Daleks- Who wouldn’t want to see The Doctor playing trains with Daleks. Also It would be great to see The Emperor Dalek

The SORBEW Award-(Starts of rubbish but ends well) The Evil of the Daleks

Season 4 Let William Hartnell leave with a bang it, Introduces the Cybermen and Patrick Troughton and lets us see just how Evil the Daleks are…

Next time… Sunday 11th of May sees the beggining of the Monster season with The Tomb of The Cybermen.

The Faceless Ones

Hello and welcome back to more adventures in Time, Space and the Internet. Today you are boarding flight “My review of The Faceless Ones”.

The Doctor and co. land on Earth at Gatwick Airport. They encounter Aliens who are stealing peoples identities by taking them on Chameleon Tours. When Ben goes missing and Polly is convinced that she has never met her friends before, The Doctor and Jamie are assisted by Samantha Briggs whose brother was taken by the Chameleons. The Doctor sorts everything out and after Ben and Poly realize it is the same day it is when they left with The Doctor, They bid farewell to Jamie and The Doctor and leave. The Doctor and Jamie try to leave but they find the TARDIS has been stolen.

This story had me hooked for the first 3 episodes. It was full of mystery, an interesting set up and a chilling cliffhanger to part one. Then we get episode 4&5 which although they are once again well acted its just dull. But then it picks up again, so on the whole it’s a pretty good. There is a character called Samantha Briggs who basically plays a potential companion and if the producers hadn’t have chose Victoria we would have her instead, and I’ll be honest- I would have preferred her. No disrespect to Deborah Watling, Victoria was to whiny in her first stories, but that’s how she was told to be. Yes Sam’s is a bit OTT but she was interesting character and we know Jamie wouldn’t have minded her sticking around. The loose cannon recons for this story are again great and it’s good that two episodes still survive. Another Thing to note is that at the same time this was happening, The First Doctor was sorting out WOTAN and The War Machines.

Farewell Ben and Polly


Come back on next Wednesday to read my review of The Evil of The Daleks



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