The Macra Terror- REVIEWED

Hello and welcome back to another adventure in time, space and the Internet. Today I am reviewing The Macra Terror.

 The TARDIS lands on a human colony where the inhabitants are being controlled by The Macra, a crab like creature that forces them to mine a gas essential to their survival, but fatal to humans. Ben falls under the influence so The Doctor, Jamie and Polly must destroy the mining equipment and save the colony. They detonate the gas, destroying the Macra and making the colony a happy place again.

The acting in this story is great and the concept of the story is good to. but the pace is a bit slow and the music is very annoying. It was interesting to see Michael Craze play a baddie and he did it pretty well. The design of the macra was good and they were most recently seen in Gridlock (2007) and in a decide-your-destiny book thingy (google it).

Come back on Wednesday 30th April to read my review of The Faceless Ones.

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The Moonbase- REVIEWED

Hello and welcome back to more adventures in time space and the internet. Today I am reviewing The Moonbase.

 The Doctor arrives on the moon where the earth’s weather is controlled by a gravitron a mysterious illness is spreading. It is the Cybermen. They are planning to wipe out all life on earth by destroying the gravitation.

There are many good things about this story. The acting from all the characters is very strong and Polly becomes a stronger character, thanks to her the first wave of Cybermen were killed. The Cybermen have had a major redesign and they are much better. However there is a very similar vibe to The Tenth Planet with The Cybermen wanting to destroy earth, a base-under-siege story and unlikable base leader.

 There is an appearance by Victor Pemberton as an extra scientist and the DVD animation is the best yet and it is a story I recommend


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The Underwater Menace- REVIEWED

Welcome back to more adventures in time, space and the Internet. Today I am reviewing The Underwater Menace.

The TARDIS lands in Atlantis where a mad Scientist Zaroff plans to raise it but it will destroy the rest of the world. He is going to drain the ocean and the following heat will blow up the world. The Doctor foils Zaroff’s plan by drowning Atlantis.

 This story in three words is SLOW SLOW SLOW. No actio happens until the last 10 minutes of episode four and those few moments are quite enjoyable. but for about 10 minutes in episode 2 we get annoying music and a scene with the fish people. If you turn the sound off its pretty good. Don’t even get me started on the over-the-top performance of Zaroff


Come back on Easter Sunday to read my Review of The Moonbase.

(by the way it’s my birthday on Easter Saturday so give me a moment to go- Happy Birthday to me,Happy Birthday to me,Happy Birthday to me,Happy Birthday to me- Thank you)

The Highlanders- REVIEWED

Hello and welcome back to more adventures in Time, Space and the Internet. Today I review The Highlanders.

The Doctor, Polly and Ben arrive at The Battle of Culloden and Meet The McCrimmons. The Doctor, Ben and Jamie McCrimmon. are captured and Polly, along with Kirsty need to rescue them.

This is the last pure historical story until Back Orchid in Peter Davisons era, and it’s pretty good. I had to listen to all four in a day. The Gunfighters was hard to watch in one day and that is all surviving, whereas this story is completely missing and it keeps you entertained. The guest cast are very strong and we meet the new companion Jamie. The only bas thing is Patrick Troughton’s German accent. He had to pose as a German doctor and it sounds bad.

Come back on Wednesday 16th April to read my review of The Underwater Menace.

The Power of the Daleks- REVIEWED

Hello and welcome back to a new set of adventures in time, space and the internet. Today I Start Patrick Troughton with The Power of the Daleks.

 The newly regenerated doctor lands on the planet vulcan with a very sceptical Ben and Polly. They find a scientist called Lesterson trying to reactivate two Daleks, despite The Doctor’s warnings. He succeeds and The Daleks act as servants until they mass produce more Daleks. A huge battle ensures and the Daleks defeated.

This introduces Patrick Troughton well and the whole regular crew stay on top form. The guest cast however are as wooden as possible. You feel no sympathy for them and when they die it’s not to dramatic. The story is pretty good and it was nice to see the Daleks again.

Come back on Saturday 12th to read my review of The Highlanders and I stop listening to two a day.

The Tenth Planet- REVIEWED

Welcome back to more adventures in time, space and the internet as we bid goodbye to William Hartnell in The Tenth Planet.

The TARDIS lands in the south pole space base that is monitoring a mission on a check of the earth’s atmosphere, when a new planet is discovered- Mondas. The inhabitants of the planet arrive on earth- The Cybermen. They declare that Mondas is drawing energy from Earth and the humans are to be taken to Mondas and converted into Cybermen. The first fleet of Cybermen are destroyed but then The Doctor collapses, so Ben and Polly need to help the base deal with The Cybermen. The Doctor recovers just before the next fleet arrives. The Doctor and Polly are taken hostage by The Cybermen. Mondas is destroyed which kills the Cybermen. The Doctor collapses into the TARDIS and changes into a younger man…

This story is one of my all time favorites and In this re-watch it is probably my favorite Hartnell story along with The War Machines and The Dalek Masterplan. The Concept behind the whole thing is amazing. The story keeps you focused, The Cybermen are great and the acting remains brilliant until the very end. William Hartnell collapsed in real life during episode 3 so that episode is carried By Ben, Polly and the scientist Barcley. Barcley is a really strong character and very well acted and Ben and Polly are becoming very higher in the top companions list. The Regeneration is the best idea the show had hands down and without it we wouldn’t still have Doctor Who today. The animation for episode 4 is pretty decent and the documentaries are quite enjoyable to. The Only negative thing about this is the character of Cutler. He seemed to stressy and went to over the top shouting at everyone who was trying to help. (Yeah I even like the Cybermen voices)


The Best William Hartnell Stories-

1. The Tenth Planet

2. The War Machines

3. The Dalek Masterplan


The Worst-

1. The Sensorites

2. The Web Planet

3. The Space Museum or episodes 2-4 of An Unearthly Child


I am going to catch up on the days I missed around The Gunfighters so Instead of The Power of the Daleks taking six days it will take 3 and The Highlanders will take 2. So come back on Thursday 10th April to read my thoughts on The Power of The Daleks. This re-watch is far from being all over.


“It’s far from Being all over”- The Doctor in The Tenth Planet.

The Smugglers-REVIEWED

Welcome back to Adventures in Time, Space and the Internet as I review the Savages. The penultimate story in the William Hartnell era.

The Doctor finds Ben and Polly in the TARDIS and they land in 17th century Cornwall where a group of pirates are searching for treasure and The Doctor is kidnapped but he escapes. However he is forced to tell the pirates the location of the treasure and a battle ensures but the travellers escape safely. Inside the TARDIS The Doctor reveals they have landed on the coldest place on Earth.

This is a meh story and would be so much better if it survived. It’s strong points are the acting from most of the cast and especially Micheal Craze and Anneke Wills. The bad points are the slow pace of episodes 2&3 and 90% of episode 4.

Come back on Monday 7th April as we begin something amazing. The first appearance of the Cybermen and the first regeneration



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