The Ambassadors of Death- REVIEWED

Welcome back to another adventure in Time, Space and the Internet as I review The Ambassadors of Death.
The Doctor assists UNIT in there investigation into the Mars Probe 7, the three astronauts have gone missing and there has been no radio contact for 7 months. The recovery ship also ran into difficulties. Eventually the second ship returns to earth but the astronauts are kidnapped, along with Liz after she discovers they aren’t human because Recovery 7 was filled with radiation. The Astronauts are actually a trio of radiation dependent aliens who swapped places with the astronauts. The Doctor makes a solo flight in Recovery 7 to Mars Probe 7, he docks but is intercepted by a huge spaceship. On the alien ship he discovers the original astronauts safe and well. They Believe they are in extended quarantine. The Doctor speaks with the alien captain who explains that unless the alien ambassadors are returned then they will destroy earth. Eventually the Doctor is allowed to go back to space control, he explains the situation to the director Cornish and General Carrington but discovers the kidnapping was in-fact a scheme devised by Carrington to wage war against aliens. The Doctor and UNIT organize the safe return of the astronauts.
I enjoyed this story, I had never seen it before and I found it pretty enjoyable. It was a bit slow in places due to it being a 7 part story. The guest cast were very strong. I really liked the characters of Cornish and Carrington (played by John Abineri, Van Lutyens in Fury From the Deep). The Cliffhangers were very good to. The Ambassadors influenced the Vashta Nerada from series 4 of the new series and They managed to be a strong villain without saying anything. The final thing I wanted to say is I like the way the credits stopped after the logo to give a teaser/recap and then resumed to show the title, writer credit and episode number
Come back on Tuesday 26th August to read my review of Inferno and the Season 7 retrospective.

Spearhead From Space- REVIEWED

Hello and Welcome back to a new season of adventures in Time, Space and The Internet.
The Newly regenerated doctor arrives in the middle of a meteorite storm. The Doctor is found by UNIT Troops and taken to hospital. The Brigadier meets the doctor but due to his regeneration, doesn’t recognize him. The Doctor recovers and with the help of UNIT’s scientific adviser Liz Shaw and the Brigadier finds that the meteorites contain The Nestene Consciousness, a shapeless alien intelligence which is being assisted by Channing to animate shop window dummies and in a plastic factory they are producing replicas of senior figures which will be used to colonize the world. The Doctor repels the Nestene back into space which deactivates the Autons and Channing who was just a more sophisticated Auton.
This was Robert Holmes’ third story for Doctor Who and it’s his best one so far. It’s so well written and it introduces the new setting for the doctor really well. His dialogue that he writes for all the characters is great. Jon Pertwee is fantastic and so is Nicholas Courtney, who once again makes a triumphant return to Doctor Who. And of corse there is COLOUR and with the whole thing shot on film it looks really good. And Special Mention has to be made to Sam Seely who I just found really entertaining.
Come back on Tuesday 12th August to read my review of Doctor Who and the Silurians.

The War Games- REVIEWED & Season 5%6 Retrospective

Hello and welcome back to another adventure in time, space and the internet as I reach the end of an era with my review of The War Games.
After landing on an unnamed planet, The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe find themselves in the middle of what they think is WW1 but after escaping being charged with espionage they escape with Lady Jennifer and Lt. Cairstairs through some fog and into a field where they find a phalanx of Roman soldiers chasing them. They soon realise that there are a group of war zones under control of The War Chief and War Lord. after organising a resistance group they succeed in overthrowing the War Lord but has no choice but to summon his own people who are, after 6 years are named as The Time Lords. The Doctor is captured by the Time Lords and put on trial. He is found guilty and is forced to have his appearance changed and a forced exile to 1970’s earth. After an emotional goodbye to Jamie and Zoe he is sent to earth…
I really enjoyed this one and i felt connected to all the characters and if you didn’t feel upset and the end 10 minutes of the story then you have no soul. The settings and concept were really interesting however it did feel quite slow and starts picking up when the time lords are introduced. But overall I really enjoyed it.

The War Games 4

Season 5 retrospective-
I realised that I need to do my retrospective for season 5
Best Story- The Web of Fear- AWESOME
Worst Story- The Ice Warriors- This was Quite dull
Best Regulear- The Doctor
Worst Regular- Victoria
Best Guest Character- Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart
Worst Guest Character- Clent- Couldn’t you just slap him.
The “Bring it Back Now We Wont Take Less” Award- Fury From the Deep. This could be even more Atmospheric if we could see it.

Season 6 Retrospective-
Best Story- The War Games.
Worst Story- The Space Pirates
Best Regular- The Doctor
Best Guest Character- Brigadier Lethbridge-Stuart
Worst Guest Character- Everyone in The Space Pirates
The “Bring it Back now We Wont Take Less”- Considering the only completely missing story in the season was The Space Pirates I think I will have Episode 1&4 of The Invasion please.

And that’s the first 50 stories, the First 6 years, the first two doctors, black and white episodes (Surviving or missing) In the Bag. But it’s all uphill from here or is it Come back tomorrow to find out about what I thing of Jon Petwee’s Debut Spearhead from Space


The Space Pirates- REVIEWED

Hello and welcome back to another adventure in Time, Space and the Internet as I review The Space Pirates.
After landing on a Space Beacon, The TARDIS crew find themselves under attack from sace irates after the mineral Argonite. After the pirates are brought to justice the crew leave in the TARDIS.
There really is nothing to say about this one apart from- BORING BORING. This was awful. It was a 2 art story stretched to 6. The only positive things about this is that the model shots are pretty decent.

The Seeds of Death- REVIEWED

Hello and welcome back to another adventure in Time, Space and the Internet as I review The Seeds of Death.
The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe land on earth where they find earth is reliant on T-MAT which transports people instantly to different places. On the moon the T-MAT is malfunctioning, so the travellers see if they can repair it only to find the lace over run by the ice warriors who are planning to invade earth via T-MAT. They use seeds which draw the surrounding oxygen but they are destroyed by water, and the Ice warriors shi is diverted to the sun.
I loved the return of the Ice Warriors and the plot was definitely Brian Hayles’ strongest script for Doctor Who and I loved the characters to. The whole thing is really well paced and very enjoyable.

The Krotons- REVIEWED

Hello and welcome back to another adventure in Time, Space and the Internet as I review The Krotons.
After arriving on the planet of the Gonds, the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe find that the smart Gonds are having their brain energy sucked out of them to reanimate the Krotons. After The Doctor and Zoe take the test the Krotons are revived but the doctor uses sulphuric acid to destroy them.
This story was boring. I really didn’t feel for any of the guest characters as they were very wooden. The Krotons looked OK, but the moving head looked good. There are a few enjoyable moments between the doctor and Zoe, especially with the introduction of the HADS and that’s all I can say about it.

The Invasion- REVIEWED

Hello and welcome back to another adventure in Time, Space and the Internet as I Review The Invasion.

The Tardis lands in London in the 70’s. They meet a girl, Isobel who’s uncle has gone missing. They try to track him down at International Electromatics The Doctor suspects something is up with Tobias Vaughn. His suspicions are confirmed after a reunion with Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart, who has been promoted to brigadier who is now in charge of UNIT. Vaughn is in league with the Cybermen and they are plotting an Invasion of Earth. The Cybermen are defeated by having there emotions put back into them.

I like this story and it was great to see The Brig back and the introduction of unit was good. I like the New Look Cybermen to. Tobias Vaughn was a strong villan and there were a strong ensemble of guest characters. Come back tomorow as I review the final 4 stories of the 60’s and review the 60’s and the first 50 stories


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